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Welcome to My Website

My name is Janet, and I help people who are facing difficult times for a range of reasons.  I wonder if I am able to help you.  With wide experience in counselling, hypnotherapy and supervising other counsellors, built on a previous career as a Nurse Practitioner, I am able to tailor what I provide to match the individual needs of my clients.  Why not consider the prompt questions below, which give you an indication of the type of work I do, if you’re interested why not get in touch?  A warm welcome awaits you.


Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, panic disorder, post traumatic stress or depression? Have you experienced thoughts of harming yourself or suicidal ideas?


Have you undergone a loss or bereavement and don’t seem able to cope? 


Do you feel worthless, de-motivated? Lost your confidence or self esteem?


Is your food intake erratic or are you unable to face food?  Worried about being overweight or underweight?  Do you need help to lose weight? 


Is your sleep pattern out of synchronisation, either too much or too little sleep, poor quality sleep? Do you feel agitated or find it difficult to relax?


Are you addicted to substances such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs?  Are you having difficulty Stopping Smoking?  Do you have obsessive behaviour patterns such as excessive gambling or spending binges?


Are you experiencing problematic relationships at home or work?  Do you become angry or violent towards others? Do you feel socially isolated?


Do you suffer from irrational fears or phobias?  Reptiles, Insects, Travel by Aeroplane or Ship, Blood, Heights, Enclosed Spaces, - Hypnotherapy can help you conquer these fears.


Do you suffer chronic pain, such as Arthritis, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis?


Do you have a terminal illness? Or are you caring for someone who is terminally ill?


Are you having difficulty with intimate relationships or erectile dysfunction?


Are you experiencing difficulty in conceiving or have you had miscarriages.  Worried about your pregnancy or childbirth?


Do you suffer with chronic or debilitating medical problems such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Breathing difficulties, Heart Problems, Bowel Disorders, Nerve or Muscle Disease?

About Me

I became an Accredited Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) in 2004, and work in accordance with their protocols and ethical framework.  I am also a United Kingdom Registered Independent Counsellor (UKRC)


I have undergone the Disclosure and Barring (DBS) procedure for working with Children and vulnerable Adolescents, and have current Professional Indemnity Insurance.


My Medical training and expertise over 40 years has been invaluable in providing insight in to how physical illness, both short and long term, can impact upon people’s psychological well-being.  Also how depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and dysfunctional behaviour patterns can adversely create both acute and chronic physical health problems. 



Professional Qualifications


Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Innervision Hypnotherapy School Hull) in 2004


Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision (York St John University) in 2004


Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Children & Young People (Doncaster College) 2000


Diploma in Counselling for Health Care Professionals Sheffield University in 1999


State Registered Midwife (Jessop Hospital for Women) in 1976


Registered General Nurse, (Northern General Hospital) in 1973





I am based in Darfield, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. S73 9HQ.                                             Telephone Mobile 07882 177932


My Clients are mainly from the Yorkshire area, (South, North and West,) but I have seen Clients throughout the length and breadth of Great Britain, from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and overseas Clients from Canada, America, Australia, Spain, Germany and Norway.





My prices are competitive and affordable, so you can access the help you need.  As the price depend on the therapy required, see each therapy page for appropriate prices.


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