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Counselling Adults

I am fully trained and qualified to work with adults experiencing a wide variety of difficulties.  Although primarily Person Centred, in order to accommodate each client’s preferred way of working I am flexible in my approach. This may involve aspects of Gestalt, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), creative work, Psychodynamic Counselling, metaphor, Transactional Analysis, Behavioural and Cognitive Approaches to encourage you to explore your difficulties. 

Counselling is an opportunity to talk openly and confidentially about how your problems are affecting you.  Within a safe and supportive environment this process will help you identify repetitive behaviour patterns, understand how your choices impact on your current life and help you explore options. Whatever your problems or difficulties, I will listen without judging and assist you in identifying strategies and ways of freeing yourself from unhelpful ways of behaving.  Together, we will find the right pathway for you.

Counselling is often helpful in addressing anxiety, stress, panic disorder, post traumatic stress, or depression where I can assist you in feeling calm, confident and in control of your life.


Loss and bereavement often uncovers many strong emotions both good and bad. I can normalise these feelings, helping you cope with your emotional upheaval and move forward in a positive manner.


If you are you finding life difficult following a separation or divorce, feeling worthless, lost your confidence and de-motivated, I can assist you to focus on the future, regain confidence, competence and self-esteem. 


Coming from a medical background, I have a special interest in helping people with health related issues such as chronic illness, life threatening conditions and health anxieties. Also, I am happy to support and counsel carers and relatives, who often feel overwhelmed by the task of looking after elderly or ill relatives, and don’t know where to turn.


Counselling can assist you in adjusting to changes such as house re-location, retirement, redundancy, helping you consider options and strategies to get your life back on track.


As a retired Midwife, I have a special interest in couples who are experiencing problems in conceiving, intimate relationships or erectile dysfunction. I also find it gratifying to assist with healthy pregnancies, ensuring a calm, contented childbirth for mother, father and baby. Having helped those who have experienced miscarriage or termination of pregnancy, I am pleased with the feedback I have received.


If you have problematic relationships at home or work, you feel angry or violent towards others, or you feel socially isolated, counselling can help you consider strategies and options to alleviate these feelings.


If you are addicted to substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs or have obsessive behaviour patterns such as excessive gambling, spending binges, a cognitive behavioural approach is often helpful in taking back control of your life.


If you are interested in my help, why not ring me on 07882 177932.  I will never judge or belittle your difficulties, and I offer you a warm welcome.




Sessions normally cost £40 each.  If this proves prohibitive, I save two places for reduced cost therapy at £30 per sessions for up to 6 sessions.    


Length of Therapy

Depending on your needs, I offer:- 

Brief Therapy of 6 to 10 sessions, each session lasting up to 1 hour.

Long Term Psychotherapy over a number of months

One-off appointments, as a “safety net” at the ending of our therapeutic alliance.

It is not uncommon for me to work with a client for a period of weeks or months, for them to cease counselling and then come back for further therapy months or even years later, as their circumstances change.



All sessions are confidential between you and me, except in the following circumstances which we would discuss.

If I believe you are at risk of injuring yourself or someone else, with your prior knowledge and permission, I may enlist the help of your General Practitioner who might be able to offer additional care.

Similarly, if you disclose a current Child Protection issue, I would be obliged to inform the Children’s Social Services Team so that they could investigate and help the Parent or Guardian to protect the Child.   Or if you were to tell me of a vulnerable Adult who was being abused, I would need to enlist the help of the Adult Protection Team.

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